A Comprehensive Pet Care Solution

Pet care facilities are on the rise with pet lovers increasing drastically. Our dog and cat hospital educates the pet owners on preventive care and giving access to the best possible health care for your pets. We also treat injured and abandoned animals at our hospital for free. Our emergency service is available 24/7 and is in a state of readiness to handle any challenges.

Our Services
Our Dog and Cat Hospital is your most reliable veterinary friend in the locality. The hospital has an impressive track record of serving cats and dogs in the region. Our team of doctors is available 24/7 and is capable of handling any kind of emergency situation. Other than emergencies, you can also bring your pet there for routine or specific checkups. The hospital also has an impressive repertoire of services including vaccinations, routine checkups, general and orthopaedic surgeries, dentistry, tick management, radiology, pain management, de-worming and end of life care as well. Other than these facilities, the hospital also caters for boarding, grooming and bathing for your pets. Around-the-clock pharmacy offers you the required medication for your pets here.

This is an open hospital. The owners are allowed to stay with their pets and can watch over the procedures, like vaccinations. There are several categories of pet care being offered by the hospital- primary care, advanced care, grooming, and boarding. The hospital is well equipped to cater to any such demands of yours. This dog and cat hospital endeavours to promote wellness for the pets and make the owners, well informed and educated ones. So, even if it is not for your pet’s check-up, you can still visit them to understand your dogs and cats better for enhanced handling and grooming. You can even get microchips fitted for your pets here.

Our hospital handles every breed of dogs and cats, from the most common ones to the most exotic ones. It is advisable that you bring your pets to the clinic at least once a year for a thorough check up so that you can be aware of any impending health issues. This kind of thorough check-up includes a complete physical examination along with teeth and gum cleaning. It is also important that you share your pet’s entire medical history or any other important information so that our team of doctors are able to understand your pet’s needs better and offer the best diagnosis.

If for any reason you are not able to bring your pet to the hospital, the hospital also makes arrangements for house calls. Therefore, when the pet cannot be brought to the hospital, you can request for a house call by the hospital doctors to solve your problems.

The Need To Give Back
We believe that all cats and dogs require love and care. And, in this world there are several animals that do not get even a basic level of care. This is the main reason behind the setting up of shelters for stray and abandoned cats and dogs that are in distress, and require food and medical care. Our animal shelter also has a very special role to play for the older dogs that are facing an end-of-life crisis or particularly difficult medical conditions. Such an endeavour often depends on contributions from philanthropists and good samaritans. Marquee Cares and many startups and established businesses like Riverday Spa often contribute to our pet-care facility for abandoned pets. This particular service of our hospital has found mention in several sites like petproblemsolved.com.au.

Be sure to visit with your pets soon!

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