Keeping The Pet Dogs Safe In Summer

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Summer is the season which affects animals as well. Many health issues arise in this season, and a strict vigil is to be kept on the pets during this season as their health may deteriorate any second. It is essential to keep the pets, especially dogs cool during the summer season as heat is the main culprit behind many health-related problems. The heat is unbearable during summers and to avoid the wrath of frequent power cuts; it is advisable to consult the best Inverter Dealers. For the best health tips during summer by experienced veterinary doctors, link is the best.

Issues due to pests:

Well maintained dog from pet care centre which houses the best power backup solution from inverter manufacturersFleas
Their bites can cause severe irritation and scratching in dogs. Itchiness is caused by their bite leading to severe discomfort. There are flea treatments available at regular intervals in the prescribed amounts to get rid of this menace. The house also must be checked for the eggs of fleas as they can become a menace later.

Ticks are the carriers of some dangerous diseases, and they should be kept at bay. Ticks look like spiders and are egg-shaped. They are found in wood and grasslands. Tick removal devices are available in the market,and they can be twisted off the dogs at home too. The head of the ticks should not be stuck on the dog’s body,and their body should not be squeezed to avoid infections. Lyme disease is caused due to ticks, and this can be contagious.

Adders are the venomous snakes,and they stay out of the way of humans and other animals. These snakes are found in sandy, grassy and woody regions. The digs can survive adder’s bite,but they should be taken to the doctor soon to prevent the venom from spreading.

Wasps and bees
Pain and irritation will be caused by their stings,but multiple stings are fatal. Stings in the mouth and throat areas will cause difficulty in breathing. Certain breeds can also cause allergic reactions.

Pale colored dogs get affected more by sun burns. In severe cases, skin surgeries and amputations should be done to save the dog from death if the sunburn is to a high degree. The dogs must be kept indoors during afternoon and clothing should be provided in vulnerable areas. Waterproof sun block cream should be applied during the peak time. If they swim in the sea, the salt and sand should be rubbed off to avoid skin infections. Their coat must beHealth Dog, well maintained at an inverter fitted pet care centre, play fetch on a sea shore cleared off to prevent tangles.

Caring for Dogs During Summer

Dogs are prone to heat strokes easily. They pant and dribble more than usual and collapse under a heat stroke.
1) Short-nosed and overweight dogs should be handled carefully.
2) Ice must be used in all the treats given to the pets,and they should not be left in the cars.
3) Dogs must have access to water all the time.
4) Signs of overheating must be observed for.
5) Dogs must be taken for walks preferably during evenings.
6) Take care of salt content, tidiness, the intensity of waves, currents when they are taken for a swim in sea or rivers or ponds.

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