The best supplement for the natural fish food organism

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The best sources for natural fish food organisms

People who are planning to breed fish in their homes can go for natural food and dietary nutrition for the fish, which can help them to boost their immunity and promote a healthy digestive system. Most of the natural food organisms are found in the water bodies. The natural microorganisms for the food are further divided into classifications like,

  • Phytoplankton
  • Zooplankton
  • Annelids
  • Worms and
  • Insects

The natural and the organic food contain all the essential constituents which are vital to the physical growth and development for the fish. The requirement of food and species varies from species to species, for example, Catla fish love to feed over the zooplankton while the silver carps love to go with the phytoplankton. Hence the owners of the fish have to make sure that they grow sustainably.

Many experts suggest natural organism food for the fish due to the presence of the high fat and sufficient protein which is essential for the growth of the fish.

All about the different types of planktons and their benefits for the fish

The increase in the number in plankton can be optimized with the help of chemical fertilizers and organic manure. A recent study reports suggest that the production of the fish is dependent either directly or indirectly to the number of the planktons present in the freshwater bodies like ponds and backwaters present in farms. The two main categories of differentiation in the plankton are the zooplankton and the phytoplankton.

The phytoplankton forms the basis of the food chain in the aquatic ecosystem. All the phytoplankton are autotrophs, and they feed on co2 and water. The green-colour of the phytoplankton is due to the presence of the chlorophyll. The three main categories of the phytoplankton are

  • Chlorophyceae
  • Cyanophyceae
  • Bacillariophyceae

What are the zooplankton and most common types of zooplankton?

The plankton which contains the animal part is called the zooplankton. Generally, one can find the zooplankton on the shallow water bodies. The distribution of the zooplankton is based on the horizontal and the vertical axial directional ecosystem. The zooplanktons are the essential characteristic foundation of the aquatic ecosystem as they feed on algae, and then they become fresh food for the fish. The two main types of zooplankton are

  • Protozoan and
  • Crustacean

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