The best tips to train birds to live happily in cages

Yellow Colored Bird Sitting On The Swing In The Cage.

The care and love is the prime thing for the pet birds

The natural life of the bird cannot be sustained or enjoyed by the poor creature in the cage, and hence it is significant for the owner to make sure that they have some flying time once in a while to enjoy their instinct. The first thing an owner must do is to close all the windows and doors from which the bird can escape and fly outside the home. The bird can roam freely in the house, but once they get into the habit of flying outdoors, then bringing them back to the cage can be a daunting task.

We have brought here a list of practices for all the bird owners to sustain their little and cute pets within their home borders.

Stay calm even if the situation doesn’t favor the scenario

The owners of the birds might be busy or in a hurry to do some work at times, and hence rushing the bird back into the cage is not at all a good option. We all know that birds love to live in flocks, and therefore if they find any of their family members in a hurry or notice any unpleasant behavior in them, they tend to be nervous and uneasy. The bird owner needs to keep their tempo calm and speak in a soft voice to their lovely bird and ask them softly to get back into their cages. From a recent survey, birds listen more to the owners who speak softly rather than the ones who order them or possess a high pitch of a tone.

Trim the feathers of the wing only if needed

The feathers of the side which are not trimmed occasionally can increase the speed of the bird during flying, and hence cutting one or two can make sure that they can fly at a decent pace. One has to consult any veterinarian before performing any trimming, as self-trimming sometimes can live the poor bird without attaining the flight if not trimmed properly. One has also to understand the fact that birds like Cockatiels can fly efficiently even after trimming most of their wing feathers.

Training with treats can be the best option of all
Every little bird or a pet loves to enjoy the treat, and hence training the bird during the start with the treatment can be the best option to make them understand the command of the owners. One can slowly decrease the gift once the bird is familiar with the routine.

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