The best pet birds to look for in the market

A Close-up View Of A Cockateil Caged Bird.

Why do birds make the best pets?

The ownership of a bird can be an enjoyable experience due to their loyal dedication and unconditional love for their lovely companions or the owners. Birds love to live in flocks, and hence they think their owners are one of their flock members, which makes them completely different from other pets who can feel isolated sometimes. The only thing which is paramount for a beautiful pet ownership experience is to care, and one can find more love and an improvised relationship between pets and owners who share their bond and feelings. The birds love caring and whispering with their owners, and hence a single day without meeting their owners, they start feeling depressed.

The people who live alone can expect a truthful bond with birds. Maintenance of birds is cheap, and hence keeping them is not that hard like other pets. Here are some of the best bird breeds for the owners looking for the best companions to make them socialize with other bird owners. The pet birds chat all day and will keep their owners from loneliness as they will provide the best company. Listed below are the top three bird breeds for the best pet ownership experience.

1. Cockatiel or cockatoo the best in the business

The cockatoos are the best bird breeds all around the world for a reason, which is they love socialization and human company. Scientifically known as Nymphicus hollandicus and their origin belongs to Australia. Due to their wide-spread demand, dealers from many countries started breeding them in their own countries. The cockatoos cannot sing but can still create mimicry of other house-hold noises.

2. Parakeets
The Budgerigar or the parakeet belongs to Melopsittacus and is commonly known as a budgie, which is a hybrid name from the American and the English accent. The natural color of the parakeets or the budgerigars is green and yellow, with black patches randomly spread all around their bodies. The demand for the budgies in the bird market has made them available in various colors like blue and others by the increase in the development of genetics and biological science and research.

3. African grey parrot

The grey parrot scientifically described as Psittacus erithacus belongs to Congo situated in Africa. The African grey parrot is the oldest species belonging to the parrot family of Psittacidae among the other breeds.

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