Pet Hospital With A Difference: Are You Ready For Our Doga Class?

Serving the pet community in the city for decades, our hospital for dog and cat has come a long way and we take this opportunity to thanks our community and clients. Our years of experience in pet-care has opened our eyes to several aspects that could go a long way in establishing a strong human-pet relationship. The success of any relationship is to develop an understanding and faith in each other. As part of our relationship program, we help clients to connect with their pets through preventive care and exercise.

Pet-human relationship
The pet-human relationship is crucial to creating the perfect balance of life. One of the ways this can be fostered is through exercise, and make no mistake, this technique can go a long way in establishing the right bond between the pet and the owner. Doga, or Yoga for the dog and pet owner, can help create a better bond. Our Doga classes are now quite popular, and pet owners are required to bring in their yoga gears, the same can be bought at online retailers like, Gaiam, Ebay, etc. Even, which is said to be an encyclopaedia about dogs and dog care, has several articles that show the benefits of Doga in detail.

Doga is trending in the pet world, and both pets and pet owners are welcoming the new form of exercise. Yoga is a Sanskrit work meaning uniting. It is an ancient physical practice developed in India and is practised for centuries. The male who practices yoga is called yogi, the female yogini and in the canine world, it is called the dogi and dogini.

Balances life
Doga balances and harmonises the body and mind and enable to sync the energy flow between the dog and the owner. Doing yoga with your dog can increase the bond further. Doga is a novel idea, and dog owners from across the globe have responded positively to this form of exercise. But the challenge confronted by pet owners in bringing in the discipline in the dog is immense. The dogs are given human postures involving yogic breathing. The corpse pose allows your dog to relax. But even in the relaxed state, the dog is alert.

Many owners feel that watching TV is a relaxation and a dog does not need doga to relax. While watching TV with your dog, your mind is focused on your favourite show and not on your breathing. This causes anxiety to the dog, because the way we breathe affects the central nervous system of the dog. This is where yoga comes into play. It can help to soothe your nerves and help in relaxing your dog.

Doga class lets you free of your ownership of the pet. In the Doga class, humans are yogis and dogs are dogis. It is a class for the pet rather than you. Give the space they deserve and leave them off leash. It is the first lesson of letting go, and the good things will evolve in the process.

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