Why it is important to groom your pet?

A pet dog in brown colour being groomed at a pet spa with a lady holding it.

Grooming the pet on regular basis is important than having a cute pet. It helps the pet to stay away from possible health conditions. Mr. David, a pet lover, who was associated with www.riverdayspa.com, tells us how important it is to groom your pet and shares few  tips on how to care your pet and protect against various problems.

Fur: It is recommended to brush the dog or cat on frequent basis. If the hair is short, it needs to be brushed numerous times a week. This way, there could be reduction in hairballs or the cats remove in litter box or always vomit. There are chances for severe hairball to result in intestinal or stomach blockages. For dogs, hairballs do not remain as a big issue, but it occurs.

Ears and eyes: When the pets see you with its loving eyes, you need to ensure that it is clear and nice, moist looking and shiny. It is necessary to take your pet to the veterinarian if it experiences a cloudy eye, irritation or redness.

Ears require regular checkup and maintenance. You can turn the ears, completely analyze and sniff at least once a week.  There should not be any smell in those areas. If you are finding the ears inflamed or red in color or find debris or smelling like tennis shoes that are thrown a week ago, it means there is a problem.

It is best to use liquid ear cleaners exclusively designed for pets. It helps in preventing ear infections and various other complications. It is easy to use the cleaner. You need to fill the pet’s ear canal using cleaner. The basement of the ear should be massaged. The pet would shake and remove the liquid. Remove the excess liquid by wiping with a towel.

Nails: Nail trimming is not required if the dogs are active and wear their claws down. It is mostly required for indoor dogs and cats. If they have long nails that are dewclaws found along the inner paw, it has chances to develop into skin and toe pads. It can cause infection and pain. It is essential to trim the nails one at a time so that you do not have to cut into quick or cut the area in the nail that has blood vessels.

Dog being checked by Vet doctor during a regular medical check upImportance of veterinary care

Pets become one of the important members of the family in quick time. It is necessary to care them just like a human being. It should be taken for doctor checkup as part of veterinary care. By visiting the vet’s office, there are chances to solve various problems and can be treated before it becomes major issues. It is necessary to monitor the pet so that we can be assured that he/she is healthy.

Heartworm: It is usually spread from one to another via a parasitic worm. It is transferred through mosquito bite. This infection would settle permanently in the system of animal for about six months and the animal would not show many signs of infection. It is necessary to do blood screening to diagnose heartworm. When the animal does not receive regular care, it often suffers fromheartworm and leads to fatal results.

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