Making Veterinarian Visits More Peaceful For Cats

Cats are one of the loving animals. Next, to dogs, cats are found as pets in many homes. Though you may provide the best care to your pet, you should not avoid the idea of visiting the veterinary clinic. Only a qualified veterinarian can examine your cat and tell whether it is at risk of getting any diseases. However, taking a cat to veterinarian might not be as easy as taking a dog. Cats suffer from anxiety upon seeing the veterinarian. In this article, we will provide some veterinary tips, which will help you make the veterinary visit easier and less stressful.

Most cats are frightened and scared to see or get inside the car carrier. This is because cats can feel the cat carrier very strange. The cats can develop more aversion towards the carrier if you try to push them inside by forceful means. You should make arrangements in such a way that you cat start loving the carrier. You should introduce the carrier to your cat much before the veterinary visit. Place a bed inside the carrier, so your cat will love to rest inside the carrier. Many cats love to sleep in the small and tight spaces. So, your cat will not hesitate to get inside the carrier, if it gets very familiar with the carrier.

Sometimes cats can get stressed to get inside the car. If your cat can get used to the crate, then it can get used to the car too. Instead of pushing the cat into the car straight away, you should place the cat with a crate. You can also give a treat to the cat, till it gets familiar with the car. Initially, you should take the cat for a short distance ride, then gradually increase the time, so that your cat is completely familiar with the car ride.

Cats love the relaxing perfume of spray pheromones. You can spray them on the interior of the crate or on a towel to keep the cat relaxing. You can also spray when it inside the examination room, after getting the permission from the veterinarian. You should also keep in mind that synthetic pheromones will not work on all types of cats.

Most cats find the waiting room a great nightmare. This is because a vet’s waiting room is occupied by many dogs, cats, and human beings. Instead of making your cat wait in the waiting room, you can make the cat wait in the car. However, you can do this, only if the clinic staff permits. If this option is not available, then cover the carrier with the towel, so that the cat won’t be able to see the surroundings.

It is common for the cat being subjected to physical handling. The vet will touch and hold the cat’s body from head to tail, during the physical examination. Most often, the cats will not tolerate, other than the owners, being handled physically. You should teach your cat to stay tolerant to physical handling. You can also reward the good behavior of the cat so that your pet will be happy to develop those behaviors in the future. You should also talk to the veterinarian to get more tips.

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