The top 8 friendly bird species for pets

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1. Budgerigar or the best in the business

Most of the people from the millennial generation are focusing more on pet birds or any other animals as they can provide unconditional loyalty and love to their owners. It is better for the new people who are planning for new pet birds to go with the pet friendly pets over the aggressive ones for better and a smooth ownership experience.

The budgies or the parakeets are the best pet birds and are also popular all across the world. The budgies can maintain healthy relations with their owners when they are tamed and cared for in the right direction. Apart from true friendship the budgies can also perform tasks like speaking and other interesting bird activities.

2. Cockatiel or the spike hair ones

People who are in the Tele-field will love to have the cockatiels in their homes as these tiny little birds are worth for the celebrity field due to their exceptional skills. The cockatiel birds come from Australia and have a beautiful hairstyle. The birds cannot speak but can perform mimicry of common house-hold noises like door-bells and ringtones.

3. Cockatoo- The long and stout ones

People who would prefer long or better large words in their home can go with the cockatoos. The cockatoos can be the best for the company and they can also get depressed when left away from their owners.

4. Hyacinth macaw
The hyacinth macaws are also known as gentle giants and love to curdle their owners like other pets. They need a large place to live.

5. Dove
At first it may surprise the new owners but providing them hand-fed meals can make their owners their best friends. They don’t bite without any cause and hence every owner could enjoy their companionship.

6. Parrotlet
The people who are retired or have lots of free time can inhabit the parrotlets in their home. They can easily socialize and provide a great company to their owners.

7. Green-cheeked Conure
The nature of this species is a bit mischievous but can crack some serious fun for their owners who are expecting a true and friendly relationship from their owners.

8. Hahn’s Macaw
The South American breed loves to socialize with their owners. They are small and love to play with their owners. A little care from their owners can win their hearts deliberately. They are sensitive and gentle and hence they can get depressed if kept away from the owner’s attention.

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