How to bond with your new winged friend?

Cute Picture Two Multicolored Lovebirds Sitting On The Tree.

The best way to make a bird best friend

Birds don’t come into the list of animals which love to live in your mansion. Birds love to fly in flocks and go for seasonal migrations. Keeping them in cages can make them feel isolated and depressed. People who are planning to have a bird as a pet have to ensure that they give them some time to make a bond with them, which lasts for long. People having a bird as a pet have to make sure the bird lives happily for the rest of their life.

1. Share the meal with the new family member
Birds love to share their meals with their flocks. One can share their bird’s favorite snack with them to make them feel as they belong to the bird’s flock. The only point to remember here is that one should not share something salty, which can spoil the bird’s health. Sharing the meal with the bird can make them feel happy in the environment.

2. Socialize with the bird to make them a family member

Some birds might feel insecure around humans and can also start feeling nervous if they were rescued from any adverse experience. One can slowly begin interacting with the bird for 5-10 minutes a day.

3. Grooming sessions are best for making friends

Birds love grooming sessions as it is their instinct to stay clean and look beautiful, especially the exotic breeds of birds. One can start this by scratching the back of the bird, and continue if the new pet loves the session.

4. Music can make friends
Some birds like to hear music and enjoy the show. One can start playing their favorite song and dance around the bird, and soon after, they can enjoy the company of their little angel.

5. Bring multiple birds in the cage for the company
If birds feel too lonely, bringing an opposite-sex partner for them can keep them engaged and make them feel comfortable around the home.

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